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cow foot bath

Copper sulfate is known to be effective in disinfecting footbaths and has shown a positive effect in reducing lesions associated with digital dermatitis.

Dairy cattle are susceptible to many hoof disorders including (but not limited to) digital dermatitis (hairy heel warts), foot rot, laminitis, sand cracks, white line disease, and sole ulcers. Each of these conditions reduces a dairy cow’s mobility and well-being and can lead to lameness. Reduction of pain associated with lameness is an important issue because lameness results in lower feed intake, lower milk production, poor reproductive performance and an increased risk of culling.

Foot Baths help prevent the spread of infectious lesions and harden claw walls to prevent noninfectious lesions. They are particularly effective for prevention of hairy heel warts.

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Old Bridge Minerals is a trusted brand in the animal feed industry due to our certifications, quality guarantee and traceability of our product.

Understanding the source and manufacturing of Copper and Zinc based minerals, while ensuring their quality, is essential to us and in every decision we make. Our deep understanding of how to manufacture Copper and Zinc based minerals is our core foundation and a vital part of the superior quality, consistency and service that we provide.
Additionally, as the largest manufacturer of Copper and Zinc based minerals, we are able to customize products to ensure they deliver optimal mineral nutritional balance in your animal feed and food products as well as in your crops.
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copper sulfate crystalsAcidified Copper Sulfateacidified multi-mineral copper sulfate

Our Copper Qualities

Copper sulfate is known to be effective in disinfecting the foot bath and has shown a positive effect in reducing lesions associated with digital dermatitis. Old Bridge Chemicals also manufactures zinc sulfate which has been used in addition to or as an alternative to copper sulfate in a foot bath program. Copper sulfate blended with acidifiers and/ or zinc has been of high interest recently due to budgetary considerations. We offer a variety of specialty blend mixtures of these two products along with acidifiers for hoof bath uses.

100% soluble products
Dramatically improve the effectiveness of conventional foot bath solutions
Save money while reducing the use of heavy metal solutions
Create a germicidal effect on hoof pathogens
Resist neutralizing effect of organic matter
penetrate hard-to-reach areas of the hoof better than copper sulfate alone – where infections begin


zinc sulfatezinc sulfatezinc sulfatezinc sulfate